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HPR4059: the southern cross
Hosted by Brian in Ohio on 2024-02-22
intro trying to keep hpr going encourage people not to be content is better than quality last show audio southern cross brief history talking electronics TEC-1, 1983, i think it was influenced by kim-1 although the kim-1 was released by MOS the 6502 designers in 1976 as a way to get people using the 6502 processor. TEC-1 was designed specifically to get the ordinary bloke involved with computer...
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HPR4058: Radio Thermometer
Hosted by Stache_AF on 2024-02-21
# If you ever want to make this code better, please do # but for the love of God, please save this code first. # It is written in circuitpython to prevent the need # to compile code, and the RFM69 does not work with # micropython. import board import analogio import digitalio from time import sleep import math import adafruit_rfm69 import busio RoomNum = 10 # What room number is this in SenderR...
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HPR4057: Raspberry Pi and astro imaging
Hosted by Andrew Conway on 2024-02-20
As I mentioned back in HPR 3857 "Yesterday I saw a flare" I have put together a way to take images and video through my telescopes, and more. You can do so too for under £100, assuming you have your own telescope, or add on another £40 for a nice lens for the HQ camera instead of a telescope. Items mentioned during this recording include: Raspberry Pi Zero W Raspberry Pi HQ Camera C/CS mount len...
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HPR4056: Helping with back pain
Hosted by Kevie on 2024-02-19
For years Kevie, a co-host of TuxJam, has suffered from lower back pain, and for the first time he's discovered something that actually helps. Hear his thoughts on the Advanced Back Pro: Back Support Belt by Copper Fit. The track included on this show is Blackpaper - Triple Paf...
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HPR4055: Four agalmic AI applications to protect you from greedy corporations
Hosted by hobs on 2024-02-16
4 AI applications I learned about today. Fawkes: an application that can protect you from facial recognition software. It's named for Guy Fawkes, the face of hackers that call themselves Anonymous. page https://sandlab.cs.uchicago.edu/fawkes/ code https://github.com/Shawn-Shan/fawkes Glaze: a digital artwork hardening application to protect artists from deep fakes code https://github.com/Espac...
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HPR4054: CyberPunk 2077
Hosted by Daniel Persson on 2024-02-15
I love the story-based games and experiences. CyberPunk 2077 is based in the future, and you will be following this bounty hunter and their struggles to make a difference in Night City. Links Wikipedia page: CyberPunk 2077 ...
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HPR4053: Third Party Integrations
Hosted by Lee on 2024-02-14
Oauth 2 - https://oauth.net/ Public APIs - https://github.com/public-apis/public-apis Zapier - https://zapier.com/ Postman - https://www.postman.com/ ...
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HPR4052: How I got in to Linux / Micro Edition
Hosted by geospart on 2024-02-13
Just a really short show on how I got started in Linux back in the olden days....
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HPR4051: MSI Gungnir 110R Review
Hosted by Kevie on 2024-02-12
Kevie from the TuxJam podcast takes a look at the PC case offering from MSI called Gungnir 110R. Following his search for a new case, Kevie went over the pros and cons of this particular model. The hope is that following this show you will decide if this is a suitable case for you. In true TuxJam fashion, the show includes a creative commons music track: Cased - Cased in a Shell ...
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HPR4050: Playing Alpha Centauri, Part 5
Hosted by Ahuka on 2024-02-09
This continues our look at how to play Alpha Centauri, and we look at game concepts that set this game apart from others. Links: https://www.palain.com/gaming/sid-meiers-alpha-centauri/playing-alpha-centauri-2/ https://alphacentauri2.info/wiki/Difficulty https://www.palain.com/gaming/sid-meiers-alpha-centauri/playing-alpha-centauri-5/ ...
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HPR4025: Testing V language
Hosted by Celeste on 2024-01-05

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