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HPR4165: A circle of Moss
Hosted by Ken Fallon on 2024-07-19
Today we interview Moss Bliss Personal Home Page Full Circle is a free, independent, monthly magazine dedicated to the Ubuntu family of Linux operating systems We get a rundown of what the show is, how it's related to Ubuntu, and the history of the podcast. Moss goes on to explain his introduction to Podcasting via Distro Hoppers Digest, and the mintCast. We of course discuss those podcasts and ...
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HPR4164: Postgraduate Computing
Hosted by Lee on 2024-07-18
MSc in Computing - https://www.open.ac.uk/postgraduate/qualifications/f66...
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HPR4163: Reintroducing myself while discussing Samba and tiny computers
Hosted by Al on 2024-07-17
Hi, Al, the co-host of Tuxjam here, I share some personal insights and then proceed to discuss the following episodes. hpr4136 - Pi Samba Share Here is the command I utilize to set up Samba as a service, eliminating the need for automatic console login: sudo apt install samba samba-common-bin Run the following command to restart the service after you have edited the Samba config file. sudo syste...
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HPR4162: HPR music project - Walking tune from Äppelbo
Hosted by Fred Black on 2024-07-16
The tune is in G major....
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HPR4161: Building a retro gaming console with a Raspberry Pi
Hosted by Kevie on 2024-07-15
Kevie, co-host of TuxJam, continues his series on uses for the Raspberry Pi with a talk about his experience of making a retro gaming console using the Raspberry Pi. For the initial build I used: SuperPi Case: £22.50 Retroflag Controller (x2): £27 Pi 4 Model B: £75 Heatsinks: £3.50 30mm Fan: £3 Power Supply: £9 HDMI Adapter: £4 64GB MicroSD Card: £7.50 Tota...
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HPR4160: Passkeys
Hosted by Ahuka on 2024-07-12
Passkeys are the latest proposal to improve security online by replacing Usernames and Passwords. They have both advantages and disadvantages, of course. So in this episode we take a look at both sides and answer the question "Is this what you should be doing?" Links: https://fidoalliance.org/overview/leadership/ https://www.w3.org/TR/webauthn-2/ https://www.zwilnik.com/security-and-privacy/encry...
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HPR4159: HPR New Years Eve Show 2023 - 24 ep 3
Hosted by Honkeymagoo on 2024-07-11
Safety Razor What Is a Double Edge Safety Razor? Ebay query: gillette double edge safety razor The "Slim" Gillette Adjustable razor Razor Emporium gillette mach 3 Straight razor autism cdc: Autism male pattern baldness Receding Hairlines in Men Receding Hairline: Stages, Causes... Bald Spot on Crown High Blood Pressure Symptoms and Causes Hypertension High Blood Pressure High bloo...
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HPR4158: Alexander's Introduction
Hosted by Lochyboy on 2024-07-10
This is my first ever recording of HPR, I had a lot of encouragement from my dad, Kevie....
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HPR4157: Talking with Halla about the past and future of Krita for its 25th birthday
Hosted by Trollercoaster on 2024-07-09
For the occasion of 25 years of Krita and in preparation of Software Freedom Day in September 21st of this year, we wanted to talk with Halla, the lead maintainer of this great project. We asked around and Arnoud stepped up and offered to visit Halla to ask some questions about the project's history and future. The talk is also available as a video on the PeerTube instance of the Digital Freedom ...
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HPR4156: Badger 2040
Hosted by Kevie on 2024-07-08
Kevie, co-host of TuxJam, contines his series on uses for the Raspberry Pi with a look at the Badger2040 from Pimoroni. In this episode Kevie shares some thoughts about the Badger 2040, which was purchased for the primary reason of needing a geeky name badge for attending this year's Oggcamp, which will be Kevie's first time being able to attend the event. For more information about how to use the...
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Hosted by Cedric De Vroey on 2024-06-12

HPR4137: I used reisub key sequence to reboot my frozen Linux computer
Hosted by Henrik Hemrin on 2024-06-11

HPR4136: Pi Samba Share
Hosted by Kevie on 2024-06-10

HPR4135: Mining the web
Hosted by Cedric De Vroey on 2024-06-07

HPR4134: Goodbye Craig Maloney.
Hosted by Ken Fallon on 2024-06-06

HPR4133: Mastodon as a way to comment to HPR episodes
Hosted by norrist on 2024-06-05

HPR4132: Urandom talks about the future of HPR
Hosted by Thaj Sara on 2024-06-04

HPR4131: HPR Community News for May 2024
Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2024-06-03

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