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HPR3787: It shouldn't crackle like that
Hosted by Rho`n on 2023-02-07
Synopsis The Friday before Christmas, my partner's mother called and asked if I had a short indoor extension cord she could borrow. When I arrived at her house, she showed me her display of ceramic Christmas trees for which she needed the extension cord. These decorations have two pieces. A base which holds a small light bulb, and then the tree which sits over the light and has translucent colore...
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HPR3786: HPR Community News for January 2023
Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2023-02-06
New hosts Welcome to our new host: enistello. Last Month's Shows Id Day Date Title Host 3761 Mon 2023-01-02 HPR Community News for December 2022 HPR Volunteers 3762 Tue 2023-01-03 Existence is pain operat0r 3763 Wed 2023-01-04 The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon Mike Ray 3764 Thu 2023-01-05 My text-focused journey into tech enistello 3765 Fri 2023-01-06 Fixing clock events in GBA po...
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HPR3785: Hacking Boba Bubble Tapioca Pearls Fail
Hosted by operat0r on 2023-02-03
Listen to me cook / fail / hack Boba Green Tea! Links Wikipedia's article on Bubble or Boba tea ...
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HPR3784: Two factor authentication without a phone number
Hosted by Celeste on 2023-02-02
Many services implement 2FA (Two factor authentication) by sending you a OTP (One Time Password) using an SMS with a random code, but this forces you to give them your valuable phone number. What alternatives do exist? Let's dive into the HOTP, used by some banks years ago through a physical token and the recent TOTP, which both let you generate completely offline codes without using any phone num...
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HPR3783: Accessibility, and Navigating the HPR Web Pages with a Screen Reader
Hosted by Mike Ray on 2023-02-01
Accessibility, and Navigating the HPR Web Pages with a Screen Reader Some time in the last year there has been some discussion on the HPR mailing list about some of the problems I was having, particularly with the tags page, on the HPR site. Here is a show in which you can hear both me and my screen reader, as I navigate the HPR home page, and then the HPR tags page. Dave Morriss has made a nice j...
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HPR3782: Content Format article from Wikipedia
Hosted by Archer72 on 2023-01-31
Wikipedia article...
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HPR3781: The Joule Thief
Hosted by Andrew Conway on 2023-01-30
The Joule Thief is a delightfully simple circuit that can light an LED that requires 2V or more from a battery that is depleted to 1V or less. There are three components in addition to the battery and LED: an NPN transistor, a resistor and a double wound inductor. The key thing about the inductor is that the same core shares two windings but in opposite directions. The explanation of how it works ...
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HPR3780: Fediverse Update May 2022
Hosted by Ahuka on 2023-01-27
One of the things I love about the Fediverse is that there is constant activity and development. As I mentioned in the previous report on Bookwyrm, it is not unusual to return to an app a few months later and see new features have been added that make it better. In this report I want to highlight three news stories that I think may be of interest. Links: https://www.starshipchangeling.net/mastodo...
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HPR3779: Just Because You Can Do a Thing...
Hosted by Trey on 2023-01-26
Hello Hacker Public Radio fans. This is Trey, and I am throwing this recording together for several reasons: The queue of shows is abysmally sparse. There are far more openings for shows in the next few weeks than there are shows posted. This show is a pitiful excuse for why I haven't posted any shows recently If you like what you hear on Hacker Public Radio, please express your gratitude by rec...
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HPR3778: A Squirrel Beeing on Google Products and Google Security
Hosted by Zen_Floater2 on 2023-01-25
I have a discussion about my Android "WIPING" and how it affected my 2 factor authorization with Google. Further I "beein" some more about Android not being able to authenticate against a known chromebook using GOOGLE SECURITY, what a "beeing" , "beeing"!!!! And I also cover Google's lousy support for chromebooks through Android, not sharing bandwidth via the cell communication channels. I cover e...
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Previous Five Weeks

HPR3777: Running Haiku on Bhyve, the BSD Hypervisor
Hosted by Claudio Miranda on 2023-01-24

HPR3776: A linux distro review
Hosted by Bookewyrmm on 2023-01-23

HPR3775: Emergency Show posted in 2014. How to make a punch-card computer
Hosted by Mike Ray on 2023-01-20

HPR3774: Emergency Show posted in 2014. Chump Car Report
Hosted by David Whitman on 2023-01-19

HPR3773: My Public Speaking Rules
Hosted by Mike Ray on 2023-01-18

HPR3772: Adventures with a small solar panel
Hosted by Andrew Conway on 2023-01-17

HPR3771: How I eliminated pain naturally
Hosted by Paul Quirk on 2023-01-16

HPR3770: Tucson
Hosted by Ahuka on 2023-01-13

HPR3769: Crouching laptop, hidden server (part 0).
Hosted by Some Guy On The Internet on 2023-01-12

HPR3768: Jeep Ignition Repair
Hosted by Stache_AF on 2023-01-11

HPR3767: LP article from Wikipedia
Hosted by Archer72 on 2023-01-10

HPR3766: ACER Nitro 5 laptop review
Hosted by Bookewyrmm on 2023-01-09

HPR3765: Fixing clock events in GBA pokemon cartridges
Hosted by Celeste on 2023-01-06

HPR3764: My text-focused journey into tech
Hosted by enistello on 2023-01-05

HPR3763: The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon
Hosted by Mike Ray on 2023-01-04

HPR3762: Existence is pain
Hosted by operat0r on 2023-01-03

HPR3761: HPR Community News for December 2022
Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2023-01-02

HPR3760: Bookwyrm
Hosted by Ahuka on 2022-12-30

HPR3759: Chatting with dnt.
Hosted by Some Guy On The Internet on 2022-12-29

HPR3758: First sysadmin job - war story
Hosted by norrist on 2022-12-28

HPR3757: Career changes.
Hosted by Some Guy On The Internet on 2022-12-27

HPR3756: Verify yourself on Mastodon with PGP and Keyoxide
Hosted by Klaatu on 2022-12-26

HPR3755: Synergy over ssh
Hosted by Ken Fallon on 2022-12-23

HPR3754: GOD probably will use a Chromebook
Hosted by Zen_Floater2 on 2022-12-22

HPR3753: Some thoughts on "Numeronyms"
Hosted by Dave Morriss on 2022-12-21

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