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HPR4128: 30 years of the internet

Hosted by knightwise on 2024-05-29 00:00:00
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A show with stories on how I found the Internet and the connections brought me with other people I've changed my life.

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zen_floater says: WVDiAL

RE: hpr4128::2024-05-29 30 years of the internet by knightwise
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I've been on the internet for over 30 years. But with Linux it has been just 30 years. And you can blame a boxed set of Slackware Linux and a program called WVDIAL for all of this.

But, I"m still on the GOPHER at the SDF

Install PHETCH for your gopher browser program, it works great!

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Ken Fallon (PA7KEN, G5KEN)

@hpr Knight wise looks back at 30 years online and how the Internet has changed his life

Today on the #HackerPublicRadio #Community #Podcast

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