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HPR3624: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About PEX Parts 3 & 4

Hosted by Trey on 2022-06-23 00:00:00
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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About PEX

Part 03 – PEX and the City (Ordinances) - How to make certain your installation meets code

This will be a short episode, but a very important one.

Since we have people from around the world who listen to Hacker Public Radio, I cannot begin to speculate what your local building codes allow or prohibit. In the majority of states within the United States of America, a property owner can perform plumbing maintenance on their own residence. Otherwise you need to be a licensed plumber. That may not be true for all states, and there can be inspections required and sometimes even fines for code violations.

Rules also vary for where PEX can be installed, how and how frequently it must be supported, and whether the work must be inspected or whether it requires a permit.

The point of this section is to remind you to do your research to find out what the rules are in your specific region, and then be sure to follow them. When in doubt, consult a licensed plumber in your area.

Part 04 – PEX, Lies, and Silicone Tape – My installation experience part 1

If you have missed the previous episodes in this series, I encourage you to review them before continuing because they will provide valuable context around my plumbing adventures.

  1. Design – The best place to start.
    1. Option 1 – Follow existing pipe
    2. Option 2 – Install manifold valve system for greater control
    3. Replacing everything or connecting to existing pipe or fixtures?
  2. Materials
    1. PEX-A –vs- PEX-B
    2. Decisions, decisions.
    3. PEX-B Wins
    4. Manifold
    5. Allows specific sections to be turned on and off independently
    6. Examples: https://www.supplyhouse.com/PEX-Manifolds-518000
    7. Connectors
    8. New Valves
    9. Transition connectors
      1. To copper
      2. Sharkbite
      3. Solder
      4. To PVC
      5. Sharkbite
      6. Glue
      7. To main water line
      8. To/From Water heater
    10. Silicone tape or pipe dope
    11. Hangers & Wall clamps
    12. Crimp rings
  3. Tools
    1. Crimp tool
    2. Removal tool
    3. Sharkbite
    4. Depth gauge
    5. Removal tool
    6. Tape measure
    7. String / wire phish
  4. Planning
    1. Most important step
    2. With proper planning you can reduce service outage
    3. Some steps can be done before shutting off water
    4. Access holes
    5. Running / connecting PEX sections
  5. Assistance
    1. While an individual installer can redo a house with PEX, it is not ideal. If you can get another person to help, it will make the process go much easier.

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