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HPR4155: GNU sleep tips

Hosted by Deltaray on 2024-07-05 00:00:00
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Sleep for 2 hours and 45 minutes:

sleep 2h 45m

Poor man's Pomodoro timer:

sleep 25m ; play bell.wav

Better one with tic toc:

(play tic.wav repeat 5000 trim 0 25:00 && play bell.wav)

Send a desktop notification from the command line:

notify-send "the message you want to show"

Pizza notifier:

sleep 15m ; notify-send "Pick up the pizza"

10 minute temperature probe display:

while temperature-probe ; do sleep 10m ; done

Download from websites in urls.txt with a 30-60 second delay:

for url in $( cat urls.txt ) ; do wget "$url" ; sleep $(( RANDOM % 31 + 30 )) ; done

Poor man's annoy-a-tron:

while true; do play -qn synth sin 9k trim 0 0.75 vol .5 ; sleep $((RANDOM % 4 + 3))m ; done

Other examples of using sleep from climagic:

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