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HPR4143: Learning to touch-type using the Dvorak keyboard layout

Hosted by enistello on 2024-06-19 00:00:00
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After 40 years of 'hunt and peck' typing I finally bit the bullet and learned to touch type, using the Dvorak keyboard layout.

I found plenty of online tools and listings of software designed to help, and I cover some of these in this episode.


Lots more links and software: typingsoft.com
Dvorak layout on Wikipedia

Contact the host: enistello at tuta dot io

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mnw says: Typing Tutorial Websites

RE: hpr4143::2024-06-19 Learning to touch-type using the Dvorak keyboard layout by enistello
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Hello! I enjoyed this episode very much. I absolutely adore keybr and was pleased to hear it mentioned. If you get bored or if you just want a decent typing game might I suggest https://zty.pe/ You are a small ship and there are larger ships flying towards you with words or letters under them. As you type the word you shoot at the enemy and once you spell the word they are destroyed, but to keep it from being too easy you must finish a word you start before moving to another. Its got many levels and a wonderful sound track. Good luck on hitting 90! I may give dvorak a go!

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