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HPR4140: Battery and Charging Technology 2024

Hosted by Ahuka on 2024-06-14 00:00:00
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It is obvious to most people that we need to stop burning fossil fuels to prevent even worse global climate change. Options like solar panels and windmills are options for providing clean renewable electricity, but since so much of our fossil fuel use is for transportation, we need to make strides in improving batteries and charging. Fortunately there have been some very positive developments that will show up within just a few years

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Henrik Hemrin says: Batteries and hydrogen gas

RE: hpr4140::2024-06-14 Battery and Charging Technology 2024 by Ahuka
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Thanks for this review of car batteries and charging status and development. Over here, Sweden, charging stations; number of them, country coverage, payment options etc are big topics also here.

If - when - I will buy a car, those questions are really interesting.

Actually I am also interested in hydrogen gas cars, combustion or hydrogen coverted for electrical. I know it is a big efficiency loss when producing hydrogen from electricity. And we do not have the infrastructure at all here, far far behind battery charging stations. But I keep an eye on the progress.

Another big topic for all new cars is the surveillance.

Kevie says: A good, balanced and informative talk

RE: hpr4140::2024-06-14 Battery and Charging Technology 2024 by Ahuka
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I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, it was both informative and taken from a neutral point of view without the political spin that we are used to hearing when it comes to electric cars. Whilst there are many reasons for us to adopt these, the technology is still in it's early days and the infrastructure, especially for those of us that live rurally, simply is non-existant at this present time. I totally agree with you: the governments still have a huge role to play if electric vehicles are to become the new norm.

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