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HPR4129: How I found Hacker Public Radio

Hosted by Henrik Hemrin on 2024-05-30 00:00:00
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The reason I found HPR can be traced back to the 1990's when I first heard about Linux and I got interested in Linux. But it was not until ten years ago that I actually started to try Linux for real. A friend was enthusiastic about Linux. Although he did not have a computer himself, he made CD copies of multiple Linux distributions and gave to me. And it happened more than once.

At this time I was on macOS on a macMini. But I also had a cheap laptop with Windows 10 for a few programs. That laptop was too cheap with too little memory and soon, despite it was not old, it could not manage to keep Windows updated, it had too little memory even without additional software: 32 GB hard drive and 2 GB RAM. So, this was the driver to install Linux for real. I installed Linux Mint. And the laptop was now usable again, with an updated operating system.

My interest in Linux Mint led me to start listen to the pod Mintcast some years ago.

One of the hosts of Mintcast was also an HPR correspondent, and in his presentation of himself at every pod episode he told he gave shows at HPR and shared his ID number.

Every Mintcast pod episode also had acknowledgements where Mintcast thanked HPR for letting them use the HPR Mumble server.

At the end of each year, Mintcast also sends the jingle for the HPR New year show where everyone is welcome to live chat or just listen.

I know I have tuned in and listened to the New year show. Eventually I also listened to one or another show in earlier years.

When Mintcast this year, 2024, has talked about Hacker Public Radio they have mentioned it was low on episodes and encouraged Mintcast listeners to contribute.

It was after this I finally started to become a regular listener to Hacker Public Radio and at the same time recorded my first show.

I like HPR for its community based host approach.
I like that shows mostly have the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.
I like the concept of knowledge and experience sharing.
I like that the content is what matters most, the equipment and presentation skills are of less importance.
I like the monthly community shows with feedback and review of shows and comments.
I like the occasional comments to my shows and my possibility to comment other shows on the website.

That is how my journey with Hacker Public Radio started.

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