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HPR4089: Modifying a Python script with some help from ChatGPT

Hosted by MrX on 2024-04-04 00:00:00
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Below are some links relating to things I discuss in the episode.

Note I haven’t included my actual Python code for fear that it would be in breach of the copyright used by HPR as it is based on the output from ChatGPT.

If you would like a copy of the code then place contact me via email at requesting a copy of the code.

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Wikipedia article about the Raspberry pi

Link to PiFace control and display add on board for the Raspberry pi In my episode I repeatedly incorrectly refer to it as “Command and Display

Wikipedia article about the Python programming language

hpr2344: Follow on to HPR2340 (Tracking the HPR queue in Python)

Link to USB powered LED BlinkStick

Link to new HPR stats page in JSON format

Wikipedia article about the JSON file format

Wikipedia article about the XML file format

hpr3067: Getting my Python3 code working in Python2

Link to the ChatGPT website

Wikipedia article about the R programming language

Article about assigning values to a variable in the R programming language A thought came to mind after recording the show. I suspect the reason that ChatGPT incorrectly described the bit of code in the site my wife found was due to lack of context. It may only have been fed the code without being told specifically that it was R code. Unfortunately I was unable to investigate this further as I was unable to find the original site.


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