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HPR4067: Hacking AI Models to Protect your Livelihood

Hosted by hobs on 2024-03-05 00:00:00
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I wanted to share with HPR peeps four ways to hack our robot/corporate overlords:

  1. Fawkes - named for Guy Fawkes, the face mask of anonymous and hackers around the world
  2. Glaze - a digital paint curing process to protect your art
  3. Nightshade, a software blue pill you can hide in your digital creations so that any AI consuming your work without your permission will also consume your blue pill and be sucked into a world of endless hallucinations
  4. Agalmic organizations, the future of AI business, invented by Charles Stross in his second most famous SciFi novel Accelerando, written in 2005 but set in the years 2025-2040 during what he called the singularity and others now call the #pancrisis or post-truth era or 21 Lessons of the 21st Century

Those first three applications were invented by Ben Zhao a Neubauer professor at the University of Chicago

Here are links to more resources about each one:

  1. Fawkes sandlab.cs.uchicago.edu/fawkes/ to cloak your selfies, can it be made to work on video? github.com/Shawn-Shan/fawkes
  2. Glaze glaze-usenix23.pdf to make it difficult to do style transfer on your images. All your art will look like pollucks If someone asked models to imitate your store. Anime and graphic novels are hard.
  3. NightShade arxiv.org/pdf/2310.13828.pdf only needs to poison pill 50 of your images so they will destroy the feature space of any AI model that tries to learn your style from them, they cause models trained on them to hallucinate. Fill in the vacuum of the Swiss cheese holes of your feature space (embedding vectors). There is someone developing an antidote: github.com/RichardAragon/NightshadeAntidote
  4. Your local used book store is the best place to find copies of Accelerando or the Lobsters short story released in several periodicals and SciFi compendiums over the years.


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