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HPR4057: Raspberry Pi and astro imaging

Hosted by Andrew Conway on 2024-02-20 00:00:00
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As I mentioned back in HPR 3857 "Yesterday I saw a flare" I have put together a way to take images and video through my telescopes, and more. You can do so too for under £100, assuming you have your own telescope, or add on another £40 for a nice lens for the HQ camera instead of a telescope.

Items mentioned during this recording include:

Here are some images I took with the above kit:

The Sun in Hα using a Coronado PST solar telescope. 50 or so stacked with exposures of 20ms for the disk and one 100ms to pick out the outer, coronal features.

The Sun in H alpha

Jupiter using stacked images from a Meade ETX-90EC showing its spot and the moons Ganymede, Io and Europa.

Jupiter with three moons
Click the image for the full-sized version

Star trails using the C/CS mount lens. The bright white and red blobs are due to my headtorch and during the end fog rolled in and coated the observatory in ice in under fifteen minutes!

Star trails as fog rolls in
Click the image for the full-sized version


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