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HPR3974: About USBimager - part 2/2

Hosted by Reto on 2023-10-26 00:00:00
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Because you want to make changes on a storage device, you are asked to enter your password. You can add your user to the group: disk to avoid this.

who or whoami - my login-name

id - more details

groups - all your groups

less /etc/group | grep disk - focus on disk

Add an existing user to another group, like this:

sudo usermod -aG disk LOGIN-NAME

I saw my entry not immediately check it with: cat /etc/group

Under releases http://gitlab.com/bztsrc/usbimager you may find your preferred pre built binary, if not, I recommend this link http://gitlab.com/bztsrc/usbimager/tree/binaries


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