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HPR3938: An open directory of web audio stream

Hosted by dnt on 2023-09-06 00:00:00
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https://www.radio-browser.info the site has good searching features, and even has a player. It has a map view that's cute but not too useful because it doesn't zoom in enough. Still fun to fly around the world and tune in simply by clicking the balloons, you should try it.

Mobile apps that use this directory are found on https://www.radio-browser.info/users. The ones I've used are TuneFM (with ads, pay what you want (I think) to remove ads, but very good Android Auto), and Transistor (no Android Auto, otherwise perfect). Open Radio is pretty good but the Android Auto is buggy. I have not tried any others.

The episode in which Ken Fallon interviewed one of the maintainers of Funkwhale was hpr3808.

Some stations I've been listening to:

  • Radio MEC: Brazilian state-controlled. Located in Rio de Janeiro. Plays more uppity stuff.
  • Radio Nacional Rio de Janeiro: Brazilian state-controlled, located in Rio de Janeiro. Plays more popular music, football broadcasts. A good show comes on every saturday at 11:00 BRT.
  • Radio Liga Samba: Samba.
  • Kansas City Online Radio: an online-only Blues station. Seems to mostly syndicate podcasts.


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