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HPR3918: Emacs package curation, part 3

Hosted by dnt on 2023-08-09 00:00:00
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We discuss the packages installed in the second of three files that make up my emacs config.

Since recording, I pulled in some EXWM (the Emacs X Window Manager, that's right), even though I'm not actually using it, I'm still using stumpWM.

I have also added pass, the password manager, khardel, an emacs package for the khard CLI address book application.

I also moved (server-start) to this file, so that it'll only happen when I'm on linux.

;;; init-extra.el --- Extra init stuff
;;; Commentary:
;;; Stuff just for my personal laptop, not for my work laptop or termux, for example.

;;; Code:

;;; org-roam ;;;

(use-package org-roam
  :demand t
  :straight (:host github :repo "org-roam/org-roam"
             :files (:defaults "extensions/*"))
  :custom (org-roam-mode-sections (list #'org-roam-backlinks-section
  :init (setq org-roam-directory "~/org/roam/"
                 '(("o" "outline" plain
                     (file+head "${slug}.org" "#+title: ${title}\n#+filetags: :outline:\n")
                     :immediate-finish t
                     :unnarrowed t)
                  ("r" "reference" plain "%?"
                     (file+head "${slug}.org" "#+title: ${title}\n")
                     :immediate-finish t
                     :unnarrowed t)
                  ("m" "memo" entry "* ${title}\n%?"
                     (file "memos.org")
                     :immediate-finish t
                     :unnarrowed t)))
  :bind (("C-c n l" . org-roam-buffer-toggle)
         ("C-c n f" . org-roam-node-find)
         ("C-c n g" . org-roam-graph)
         ("C-c n i" . org-roam-node-insert)
         ("C-c n c" . org-roam-capture)
         ;; Dailies
         ("C-c n j" . org-roam-dailies-capture-today))
  ;; If you're using a vertical completion framework, you might want a more informative completion interface
  (setq org-roam-node-display-template (concat "${title:*} " (propertize "${tags:10}" 'face 'org-tag)))
  ;; If using org-roam-protocol
  (require 'org-roam-protocol))

;; citations
(use-package citar
  :after org-roam
  :custom (org-cite-insert-processor 'citar)
          (org-cite-follow-processor 'citar)
          (org-cite-activate-processor 'citar)
          (citar-bibliography '("~/org/biblio.bib"))
          (citar-notes-paths '("~/org/roam"))
          (citar-file-note-extensions '("org"))
  :hook (LaTeX-mode . citar-capf-setup)
        (org-mode . citar-capf-setup)
  :bind (("C-c n b" . #'citar-open-notes)
          :map org-mode-map :package org
          ("C-c b" . #'org-cite-insert)))

;; view your org-roam notes on a map
(use-package org-roam-ui
  :after org-roam
  :custom (org-roam-ui-sync-theme t)
          (org-roam-ui-follow t)
          (org-roam-ui-update-on-save t)
          (org-roam-ui-open-on-start t))

;; archive web pages in org attachments
(use-package org-board
  :after org
  :custom (org-board-default-browser #'browse-url)
          (org-board-property "ROAM_REFS")
  :bind (:map org-mode-map
          ("C-c B a" . org-board-archive)
          ("C-c B o" . org-board-open)
          ("C-c B D" . org-board-delete-all)))

;;; Writing ;;;

; something like grammarly, but open source
(use-package langtool)

;; better than docview, for pdf
(use-package pdf-tools)

;; annotating docs in org files
(use-package org-noter)

;; epub
(use-package nov
 :mode ("\\.epub$" . nov-mode))

;;; Invoke quick emacs windows to edit anything anywhere.
;;; bind a key in xorg to ~emacsclient -c (emacs-everywhere)~
(use-package emacs-everywhere)

;;; Auctex ;;;
(straight-use-package '( auctex
  :host nil :repo "https://git.savannah.gnu.org/git/auctex.git"
  :pre-build (("./autogen.sh")
                  ("./configure" "--without-texmf-dir" "--with-lispdir=.")

  (setq TeX-data-directory (expand-file-name "straight/repos/auctex" user-emacs-directory)
      TeX-lisp-directory TeX-data-directory)

  (eval-after-load 'info
      '(add-to-list 'Info-additional-directory-list
          (expand-file-name "straight/repos/auctex/doc" user-emacs-directory)))
  (load (expand-file-name "straight/repos/auctex/auctex.el" user-emacs-directory) nil t t)
  (load (expand-file-name "straight/repos/auctex/preview-latex.el" user-emacs-directory) nil t t)

(use-package evil-tex)

(use-package latex-preview-pane
  :custom (latex-preview-pane-use-frame t))

(use-package adaptive-wrap)

;;; END AUCTEX ;;;

;;; Programming ;;;

;; downloading and viewing Dash documentation files
(use-package dash-docs
  :init (defun elisp-doc ()
            (setq-local consult-dash-docsets '("Emacs Lisp")))
        (add-hook 'emacs-lisp-mode-hook 'elisp-doc)
  :custom (dash-docs-docsets-path (expand-file-name "docsets" user-emacs-directory))
          (dash-docs-browse-func 'eww))

(use-package consult-dash
  :straight (:host codeberg :repo "rahguzar/consult-dash")
  :bind (("M-s d" . consult-dash))
  :after consult
  ;; Use the symbol at point as initial search term
  (consult-customize consult-dash :initial (thing-at-point 'symbol)))

;;; Email ;;;

(use-package notmuch
  :commands notmuch
  :config (defun notmuch-show-view-html ()
            "Open the text/html part of the current message using
            `notmuch-show-view-part'. From https://emacs.stackexchange.com/a/63457"
                (goto-char (prop-match-beginning
                            :notmuch-part "text/html"
                            (lambda (value notmuch-part)
                                (equal (plist-get notmuch-part :content-type)
          ;; Enable link to message via org-store-link
          (load-file (expand-file-name "org-notmuch.el" user-emacs-directory))
          (require 'org-notmuch)
  :bind (:map notmuch-show-mode-map
              (". v" . notmuch-show-view-html))
  :custom (notmuch-draft-folder "local/drafts")
          (notmuch-search-oldest-first nil)
          (notmuch-fcc-dirs "fastmail/sent")
          (notmuch-tagging-keys '(("r" ("+receipt" "-inbox") "Receipt")))
          (sendmail-program (executable-find "msmtp"))
          (message-sendmail-f-is-evil t)
          (message-sendmail-extra-arguments '("--read-envelope-from")))

(use-package khardel
  :after notmuch
  :bind (:map notmuch-message-mode-map
         ("C-c M-k" . khardel-insert-email)))

;;; PASS ;;;

(use-package pass)

;;; EXWM ;;;

(use-package xelb
  :disabled t
  :straight (:host github :repo "ch11ng/xelb"))

(use-package exwm
  :disabled t
  :straight (:host github :repo "ch11ng/exwm")
  :defer t
  :config (require 'exwm-systemtray)
          (require 'exwm-randr)
          (setq xcb:connection-timeout 20)
          (add-hook 'exwm-update-class-hook
                  (lambda ()
                  (exwm-workspace-rename-buffer exwm-class-name)))
          (add-hook 'exwm-randr-screen-change-hook
                    (lambda ()
                       "autorandr" nil "autorandr -c")))
          (defun exwm-randr-mobile()
          "Load a xrandr profile to use only the laptop screen."
          (start-process-shell-command "xrandr" nil "xrandr --output eDP-1 --auto --output DP-1 --off"))
          (defun exwm-randr-docked()
          "Load a xrandr profile to use only the connected external screen DP-1."
          (start-process-shell-command "xrandr" nil "xrandr --output eDP-1 --off --output DP-1 --auto"))
          (defun exwm-randr-chair()
          "Load a xrandr profile to use both the laptop screen and the connected screen."
          (start-process-shell-command "xrandr" nil "xrandr --output HDMI-1 --auto --scale 1.3 --output eDP-1 --off"))
          (defun exwm-randr-all()
          "Load a xrandr profile to use both the laptop screen and the connected screen."
          (start-process-shell-command "xrandr" nil "xrandr --output eDP-1 --primary --output DP-1 --above eDP-1")
          (setq exwm-randr-workspace-output-plist '(0 "eDP-1" 1 "DP-1"))
    :custom (exwm-input-global-keys
              `((,(kbd "s-r") . exwm-reset)
                (,(kbd "s-w") . exwm-workspace-switch)
                (,(kbd "s-a") . exwm-randr-all)
                (,(kbd "s-c") . exwm-randr-chair)
                (,(kbd "s-d") . exwm-randr-docked)
                (,(kbd "s-m") . exwm-randr-mobile)
                (,(kbd "s-k") . exwm-input-release-keyboard)
                (,(kbd "s-f") . exwm-layout-toggle-fullscreen)
                (,(kbd "s-p") . pass)
                (,(kbd "s-t") . exwm-workspace-switch-to-buffer)
                (,(kbd "s-&") . (lambda (command)
                                       (interactive (list (read-shell-command "$ ")))
                                       (start-process-shell-command command nil command)))
                ,@(mapcar (lambda (i)
                       `(,(kbd (format "s-%d" i)) .
                           (lambda ()
                               (exwm-workspace-switch-create ,i))))
                     (number-sequence 0 9))

;; start emacs server

;;; END ;;;

(provide 'init-extra)
;;; init-extra.el ends here


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