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HPR3822: A tale of wonder, angst and woe

Hosted by Bookewyrmm on 2023-03-28 00:00:00
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In December of 2022, I traveled to Hong Kong, at some point en-route or in-country, I contracted covid.

Backing up a step in preparation for the trip I was required to have a negative PCR before I could board the plane from the US as well as proof of vaccination and at least one booster shot.

HKSAR Department of Health - Health Declaration Form (https://hdf.chp.gov.hk/dhehd/hdf.jsp?lang=en-us)

Upon arrival, I was required to quarantine for 3 days as well as take a home test (referred to as RAT: Rapid Antigen Test, by the locals) every day for the first 7 days

On the 2nd full day in HK, I was required to take another clinical PCR provided at a health center, free of charge.

On the third day I received my PCR and RAT tests as Covid Positive.

By law I was now required to quarantine in my hotel until I tested negative on 2 consecutive days. Since my symptoms were very mild, a sniffle and low grade temp, merely 2-3 deg above normal, I could stay in the hotel and was not required to transfer to a public health center.

I was also required to register the positive results with a government website. This registration kicked off a series of events, including a visit from a health representative. (he stood in the hall, I was not permitted to leave the room) I was Required to install an app on my phone called "Stay Home Safe'' and to wear a wristband that I presume was a GPS and possibly temp/pulse tracking device that connected to my phone by bluetooth. The agent installed the app, and synced the watch to it.

The complete shownotes are available downloaded from http://bookewyrmm.42web.io/covid.html


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A coworker found this link to an article explaining the functionality of the watch.


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