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HPR3797: How to submit changes to HPR

Hosted by Ken Fallon on 2023-02-21 00:00:00
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HPR is switching to a static site and in today's show Rho`n explains to Ken how to submit changes to the code.

[user@pc fix]$ git clone gitea@repo.anhonesthost.net:rho_n/hpr_generator.git
[user@pc fix]$ cd hpr_generator/
[user@pc hpr_generator]$ git status
[user@pc hpr_generator]$ git checkout -b I70_Fix_links_to_audio

Edit the files. Once complete:

[user@pc hpr_generator]$ git add file/to/commit
[user@pc hpr_generator]$ git commit
[user@pc hpr_generator]$ git push origin I70_Fix_links_to_audio

You can now login to the rho_n/hpr_generator git repo and you should be able to see several branches.
Next to your branch you can press New Pull Request
The new pull request button
Review your changes and if you're happy press the green New Pull Request
Fill in the description and a detailed comment
Use the HPR convention [<issue number>] <brief_description> The brief description is usually based on the title of the issue
When Create Pull Request

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