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HPR3788: Nitecore Tube torch

Hosted by Dave Morriss on 2023-02-08 00:00:00
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This torch (aka flashlight) came up during the recording of the Community News for May 2022. I have owned an example of this device since 2016. It’s been extensively reviewed elsewhere but I thought I’d briefly tell you about my experiences.

Nitecore Tube (V1)

My Nitecore Tube
My Nitecore Tube

I bought this from Amazon after seeing a video of it on the Big Clive YouTube channel. It was under £10. This version is no longer available but there is a version 2 for a similar price. I haven’t tried this one.

The Nitecore Tube is a small plastic-bodied torch with fittings for a key ring. I have not been keen to keep it on my keyring for fear of damage from the keys, so I keep it always in my shirt pocket.

The torch is controlled through a rubber-like button on one side, and has a micro USB port on the edge which is covered by a rubber cap.

While charging, a blue LED can be seen inside the body of the torch, which turns off when the charging process is complete.

The torch can operate at a number of brightness levels and has a lock mode:

  • Single press - turns the low light level on and off
  • Double press - turns on the permanent high level mode, a single press for off
  • Single press and hold for more than 1 second - temporary high mode
  • Press and hold when in low mode increases in brightness in steps
  • Press and hold for more than 5 seconds when in high mode will lock the torch against accidental button presses. The light blinks to show it’s locked. Press and hold to return to normal.


I don’t use this torch a huge amount. The fact that it’s always in my pocket means I have a source of quite bright light when I need one. The lower level light is useful for moving around in the dark or in a gloomy place. The brighter level I tend to use to read labels on jars, bottles and other containers. For some reason, these labels are often designed with minimal contrast (like a dull orange lettering on a purple background) which my eyes just can’t cope with. The Nitecore is my saviour with this sort of stuff!

I don’t charge it very often, but it is easy to do it with a phone charger - I have several micro USB cables around, so it’s no problem.


This is a great little device. I have other torches for when I need a stronger, more broadly illuminating light source. I wouldn’t be carrying any of these around with me though. The Nitecore is small and compact enough that I can keep it on me all the time.

If I lost this one, or it died, I’m pretty sure I’d get another!


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