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HPR3699: Old and new videogames/board games with guest binrc

Hosted by Celeste on 2022-10-06 00:00:00
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Cruelty Squad on Steam Steam

Half-Life Steam

Half-Life 2 Steam

Deus Ex Steam, GOG

Fallout 3 Steam, GOG

Slay the Spire Steam, GOG

Crypt of the NecroDancer Steam, GOG

Spin the bottle Bumpie's party (Nintendo WiiU) website

Affordable space adventures (Nintendo WiiU) website

Old School Runescape website, open-source client

Runescape music: Sea shanty 2 original, remix

Life is strange Steam, GOG

Grim Fandango Steam

Linux-native games

These games can be found in most linux distro repositories.

Endless Sky website, Steam

Powermanga website

SuperTuxKart website

Xbill Wikipedia, website


Banjo Kazooie (Nintendo 64) Wikipedia

Ducktales (NES) Wikipedia

Board Games

Labyrinth website

Tokaido website, Steam

Wingspan website, Steam


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