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HPR3654: Use the data in the Ogg feed to create a website.

Hosted by norrist on 2022-08-04 00:00:00
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Make a website using the HPR RSS Feed

Welcome to part II of my experiment in how much can be done with the data ion the HPR feed

In my previous episode https://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=3637 I discussed taking the data from the HPR feed and stuffing the useful bits into a sqlite database.

Today, Ill discuss some of my adventures generating a static site using the feed data

Lessons learned

  • Maybe skip DB step
  • I tend to over use Markdown - sometimes HTML is Better
  • So much content on HPR


My original intent was to create markdown files that could be feed into an existing static site generator, something like Hugo or Jekyll.

I started with markdown but had to add too much html.

I'm am a bit fan of using Markdown, but it did not fit this particular use case

Feed as source of data

I added some HTML for header footer

  • Header
    • bootstrap CSS columns
    • hpr logo
  • footer
    • Links
    • Copyright


  • Main page listing the most recent shows
  • A page listing all shows
  • Individual pages for each show
  • A page listing all the hosts
  • individual page for each host

One thing I would like to see on the HPR page is a count of how many shows there are for each host. I have enough data, so I added show counts.

Missing data

  • host profiles - web page, avatars
  • tags
  • series
  • Summary - The short 100 character summary of what your show is about
  • License
  • Other pages on the HPR site.
    • What you need to know
    • How to help out
    • Requested topics
    • ...

How does it work

  • Peewee to read from sqlite file
  • Python aggregates the appropriate data
  • Jinja Templates for
    • index - passed data from most recent shows
    • All shows
    • host page
    • corespondents - all host


  • Incorporate Comment feed
  • Generate static copy of RSS feed.
  • Copy content from HPR pages that are not in the RSS feed.
  • Generate Tags from Keywords in the show notes.
  • Only use the Full Feed on the first run.


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