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HPR3637: HPR feed to Sqlite

Hosted by norrist on 2022-07-12 00:00:00
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  • Mailing list discussion - Source Code for the HPR website
    • What are the best ways to reproduce the HPR site using a static site generator.
    • I would like the DB to be made public, but I understand why that may not be possible

One interesting thing I read during the discussion is Ken said Every thing needed to recreate an HPR site is in the feed

  • Challenge accepted
    • A lot of my toy projects have been around RSS and podcasts
    • I am working on a Episode describing a project I did looking for podcasts that have podfaded.
    • I starting thinking about what data is in the feed and thinking through a process for using the RSS data to recreate the HPR site
  • Project
  • DATA pulled directly from feed
    • explicit

    • title

    • author_name

    • author_email

    • link

    • description

    • summary - I think this is the same as description

    • pubdate

    • enclosures

    • Episode ID - extracted from title - HPR2341

    • feedparser and peewee

    • full feed to SQLite specs

      • 40 Seconds on My Machine
      • 20M hpr.sqlite
  • Notably Missing from the RSS feeds
    • Episode Series
    • Episode Tags
  • Next steps
    • markdown from db info
      • Main page
      • Corespondent pages
      • Episode pages
      • comments from comments feed
    • Manually build other markdown for static pages
    • about, contributing, ...
    • Static site generator
    • I don't think the tags are in the feed data
git clone https://gitlab.com/norrist/hprfeed2db
cd hprfeed2db/
python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install feedparser peewee
python data_models.py
python feed.py
sqlite3 hpr.sqlite "select count(*) from episode"


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