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HPR3579: PINN is not NOOBS

Hosted by Archer72 on 2022-04-21 00:00:00
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Multiboot with PINN


What is PINN (PINN Is Not NOOBS)?

An easy enhanced Operating System installer for the Raspberry Pi

The latest version of PINN can be downloaded from sourceforge.

This README relates to v3.8

(PINN-lite does not include any operating systems at all.

It is more akin to NOOBS-lite rather than NOOBS. For that reason, the filename that you download is called pinn-lite.zip. More recently, pinn.zip has also been made available for download which includes versions of Raspbian and LibreELEC.)





Web UI for PINN


  • Instructions

Unzip pinn-lite.zip

Replace recovery.cmdline file in PINN directory with downloaded file

Copy the contents of the PINN directory to your FAT32 formatted media

Boot your Raspberry Pi

Select all systems and install


Installation instructions
Installation instructions
Click the thumbnail to see the full-sized image


Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit release news


OS installation selection
OS installation selection

Installing RetroPie
Installing RetroPie

Installing Kodi/OSMC
Installing Kodi/OSMC

Boot selection menu
Boot selection menu


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