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HPR3391: HPR Community News for July 2021

Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2021-08-02 00:00:00
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New hosts

There were no new hosts this month.

Last Month's Shows

Id Day Date Title Host
3369 Thu 2021-07-01 Linux Inlaws S01E33: The Return of the Rust monochromec
3370 Fri 2021-07-02 More Free Images? Ahuka
3371 Mon 2021-07-05 HPR Community News for June 2021 HPR Volunteers
3372 Tue 2021-07-06 HPR 2020 - 2021 New Years Eve Show Episode 8 Honkeymagoo
3373 Wed 2021-07-07 HPR RPG Club reviews Starfinder klaatu
3374 Thu 2021-07-08 Why I love the MacBook Mid 2010 swift110
3375 Fri 2021-07-09 Car ODB2 Fun and Fail operat0r
3376 Mon 2021-07-12 Making books with Linux - part 2 Dave Morriss
3377 Tue 2021-07-13 Chromebook support and more Zen_Floater2
3378 Wed 2021-07-14 A bit of my experience with Starlink internet service Jezra
3379 Thu 2021-07-15 Linux Inlaws S01E34: The one with the intelligence monochromec
3380 Fri 2021-07-16 Building a Better Goodreads with ActivityPub Ahuka
3381 Mon 2021-07-19 Learning to skate klaatu
3382 Tue 2021-07-20 How I fixed a fault on my car for free thanks to YouTube MrX
3383 Wed 2021-07-21 My gEeeky Experiment - Part 1 Claudio Miranda
3384 Thu 2021-07-22 Page Numbers in EPUB eBook Files Jon Kulp
3385 Fri 2021-07-23 DIY Cat feeder! operat0r
3386 Mon 2021-07-26 What's for dinner? Dave Morriss
3387 Tue 2021-07-27 Infosec Podcasts Part 5 Grab bag Trey
3388 Wed 2021-07-28 Linux Inlaws S01E35: The Free Software Foundation Europe monochromec
3389 Thu 2021-07-29 Tales of a Tagger Archer72
3390 Fri 2021-07-30 Intro to DOS Series Ahuka

Comments this month

These are comments which have been made during the past month, either to shows released during the month or to past shows. There are 18 comments in total.

Past shows

There are 5 comments on 3 previous shows:

  • hpr3357 (2021-06-15) "My terminal journey, part 02." by Some Guy On The Internet.
    • Comment 2: Some Guy On The Internet on 2021-07-08: "apt-mark hold"

  • hpr3367 (2021-06-29) "Making books with linux - part 1" by Andrew Conway.
    • Comment 1: Jon Kulp on 2021-07-11: "Page numbers"
    • Comment 2: dangerseeker on 2021-07-16: "Fonts and LaTeX"

  • hpr3368 (2021-06-30) "Infosec Podcasts Part 4 - Social Engineering Podcasts" by Trey.
    • Comment 1: Porkchop on 2021-07-01: "recommendation"
    • Comment 2: Trey on 2021-07-05: "Thanks for the feedback, Porkchop."

This month's shows

There are 13 comments on 8 of this month's shows:

  • hpr3369 (2021-07-01) "Linux Inlaws S01E33: The Return of the Rust" by monochromec.
    • Comment 1: Kevin O'Brien on 2021-07-01: "I loved the show"

  • hpr3371 (2021-07-05) "HPR Community News for June 2021" by HPR Volunteers.
    • Comment 1: frank on 2021-07-05: "A comment on your comment about my comment"
    • Comment 2: Trey on 2021-07-05: "Congrats on joining the Ham community!"
    • Comment 3: Ken Fallon on 2021-07-06: "Errors in comments"
    • Comment 4: b-yeezi on 2021-07-06: "Ranger previously on HPR"

  • hpr3372 (2021-07-06) "HPR 2020 - 2021 New Years Eve Show Episode 8" by Honkeymagoo.
    • Comment 1: Honkeymagoo on 2021-05-11: "Thanking"

  • hpr3377 (2021-07-13) "Chromebook support and more" by Zen_Floater2.
    • Comment 1: Clinton Roy on 2021-07-13: "Well,"

  • hpr3381 (2021-07-19) "Learning to skate" by klaatu.
    • Comment 1: Jon Kulp on 2021-07-21: "Consultant available"
    • Comment 2: Jon Kulp on 2021-07-21: "Skate Shoes"

  • hpr3383 (2021-07-21) "My gEeeky Experiment - Part 1" by Claudio Miranda.
    • Comment 1: Zen_floater2 on 2021-07-22: "Why I love OpenBSD"

  • hpr3388 (2021-07-28) "Linux Inlaws S01E35: The Free Software Foundation Europe" by monochromec.
    • Comment 1: Brian-in-ohio on 2021-07-30: "free speech"

  • hpr3390 (2021-07-30) "Intro to DOS Series" by Ahuka.
    • Comment 1: Brian-in-ohio on 2021-07-30: "great show"
    • Comment 2: Kevin O'Brien on 2021-07-30: "You are most welcome"

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