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HPR3364: Part One - all the covid crap

Hosted by Clinton Roy on 2021-06-24 00:00:00
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So, I'm currently listening to the "Feedback on the Article" show, and am feeling like I should contribute a show.

A long time ago now, I bought a new coffee machine for home, on the basis that I was going to be working from home for a while, and I was really missing my daily hits of actual coffee. I drink maybe four or five cups a day, depending on how early I get into work. I do try to have all this coffee in the morning, and am pretty good at not having any after lunch.

Now, I do need to recognise where I am, Australia, overall we've had a pretty good response to covid, fatalities have been very low by world standards. Having said that, I live in the part of Australia that has had the largest number and by far, longest lockdowns. Our longest one was 112 days.

I've also travelled back home, and got caught in a lockdown in my home state of Queensland over Christmas.

Eventually, the lockdowns ended, we were allowed go back to work, and I started using my home coffee machine less and less, and I lost motivation to do this show.

Then, of course, we had another inevitable hotel quarantine leak, and that spread to Victoria, we're now looking at a breakout of around sixty cases and Victoria is back on lockdown so this is my fifth lockdown, and I'm back to working from home, and once again, I'm appreciating my new coffee pot, and once again I have motivation to do a story on it.

What I really want to do is to disentangle the two topics, this episode will deal with all the covid stuff, the second episode will only deal with coffee.

So this covid rant ends here, and now I need to start writing the script for the second part of the show, before lockdown ends..


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