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HPR3241: HPR Community News for December 2020

Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2021-01-04 00:00:00
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New hosts

Welcome to our new host:
Pat from TLLTS.

Last Month's Shows

Id Day Date Title Host
3217 Tue 2020-12-01 Sump Minion Brian in Ohio
3218 Wed 2020-12-02 An introduction to Darktable Paul Quirk
3219 Thu 2020-12-03 Linux Inlaws S01E18: Voice Recognition and Text to Speech monochromec
3220 Fri 2020-12-04 PixelFed Ahuka
3221 Mon 2020-12-07 HPR Community News for November 2020 HPR Volunteers
3222 Tue 2020-12-08 Musings about writing a book about the Odoo software suite Jeroen Baten
3223 Wed 2020-12-09 My COVID year summary b-yeezi
3224 Thu 2020-12-10 Adventures in Retrocomputing with the Mac Plus Paul Quirk
3225 Fri 2020-12-11 Grill repair operat0r
3226 Mon 2020-12-14 Using taskwarrior to structurize your work Jeroen Baten
3227 Tue 2020-12-15 Fresh water Aquarium Basics Enigma
3228 Wed 2020-12-16 YAML basics klaatu
3229 Thu 2020-12-17 Linux Inlaws S01E19: Redis monochromec
3230 Fri 2020-12-18 Introduction to Layers Ahuka
3231 Mon 2020-12-21 USB Key ToeJet
3232 Tue 2020-12-22 Nextcloud klaatu
3233 Wed 2020-12-23 HPR RPG Club reviews Shadowrun 5e klaatu
3234 Thu 2020-12-24 Apple products I have owned swift110
3235 Fri 2020-12-25 Soldering Tips operat0r
3236 Mon 2020-12-28 The State of Linux Audio Apps in 2020 Pat from TLLTS
3237 Tue 2020-12-29 Cloning a Hard Drive with Clonezilla Jon Kulp
3238 Wed 2020-12-30 Linux Inlaws S01E20: The Xmas and New Year Special monochromec
3239 Thu 2020-12-31 New Community Project Proposal Enigma

Comments this month

These are comments which have been made during the past month, either to shows released during the month or to past shows. There are 18 comments in total.

Past shows

There are 3 comments on 3 previous shows:

This month's shows

There are 15 comments on 8 of this month's shows:

  • hpr3218 (2020-12-02) "An introduction to Darktable" by Paul Quirk.
    • Comment 1: Kevin O'Brien on 2020-12-03: "Another great show"
    • Comment 2: Ray Arachelian on 2020-12-06: "would have been useful to have this podcast as a video instead"
    • Comment 3: Ken Fallon on 2020-12-08: "Supporting Video"

  • hpr3220 (2020-12-04) "PixelFed" by Ahuka.
    • Comment 1: sesamemucho on 2020-12-05: "A complete and conclusive report"
    • Comment 2: Ahuka on 2020-12-05: "You are most welcome"

  • hpr3223 (2020-12-09) "My COVID year summary" by b-yeezi.
    • Comment 1: Brian-in-ohio on 2020-12-12: "compliment"
    • Comment 2: b-yeezi on 2020-12-21: "re: compliment"

  • hpr3226 (2020-12-14) "Using taskwarrior to structurize your work" by Jeroen Baten.
    • Comment 1: Jon Kulp on 2020-12-16: "I like it but probably won't switch completely"
    • Comment 2: Dave Morriss on 2020-12-20: "Write a manual!"

  • hpr3227 (2020-12-15) "Fresh water Aquarium Basics" by Enigma.
    • Comment 1: Jon Kulp on 2020-12-16: "Pictures!"

  • hpr3231 (2020-12-21) "USB Key" by ToeJet.
    • Comment 1: Windigo on 2020-12-29: "Great technique"

  • hpr3232 (2020-12-22) "Nextcloud" by klaatu.
    • Comment 1: the pro on 2020-12-22: "this is a nice group"
    • Comment 2: Ken Fallon on 2020-12-22: "Upgrade via the UI ?"
    • Comment 3: Kevin O'Brien on 2020-12-23: "Good inspiration!"

  • hpr3236 (2020-12-28) "The State of Linux Audio Apps in 2020" by Pat from TLLTS.
    • Comment 1: ClaudioM on 2020-12-28: "Links for the Episode"

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