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HPR2744: Yet Another Rambling Drive Into Work

Hosted by MrX on 2019-02-07 00:00:00
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I came across this show sitting in my digital recorder I recorded it back in November 2017 but never posted it, my thoughts on some of the things I mention in this show have since evolved, I’ll stick these changed thoughts at the end of these notes and may also stick in an extra recorded section at the end of the show.

Here are the changes since I recorded this show in November 2017, it is now October 2018.

Think there was a £4,500 pound grant on new EV cars however it has been announced that this grant will in the near future will be cut to £3500.

I think the Government and Nissan together had a £2000 contribution scheme when you traded in an old car for a 2nd hand leaf I think this is no longer available now that the leaf is more popular.

Fuel costs have gone up and I may have miscalculated I think my true annual fuel bill is nearer to £2,000

Nissan leaf road tax is free

Because of supply and demand the depreciation situation has completely changed had I bought this leaf in November 2017 it would now be worth more today in October 2018. Only time will tell how it all pans out, things are changing rapidly.

After further investigation it looks like battery degradation is less than I first thought and would likely still be in pretty good condition at 6 years old, particularly in a cooler country like here in the UK in Scotland.

There has been some controversy about the new 40kw leaf which may also impact in the older leaf making the older leaf’s more appealing contributing further to the high demand for the older 30kw and 24kw leafs.

With the increased popularity of the older 24 and 30Kw leafs Nissan may no longer be so keen to give you a no quibble test drive.

I think it’s looking increasingly like I made the wrong decision.


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