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HPR2688: Explaining the controls on my Amateur HF Radio Part 5

Hosted by MrX on 2018-11-21 00:00:00
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  • The controls covered are

    • AF / RF gain
      • (1A) AF, Audio frequency gain control (Volume)
        Turns the volume up and down
      • (1B) RF, Radiofrequency gain control (From the Kenwood manual)
        RF GAIN is controlled by changing the AGC (Auto Gain Control) threshold voltage. Adjusting the RF GAIN so that the S-meter reading increases to a point just lower than speech peaks. This also reduces noise during reception. For normal operation, this control should be turned fully clockwise for maximum sensitivity.
    • CW VBT (From the Kenwood manual)
      • Carrier Wave Variable Bandwidth Tuning Control
        This control is very similar to the SSB Slope tuning controls. However, with the CW VBT control, both sides of the IF passband are narrowed at the same time.
    • SSB Slope Tune (High pass low pass audio filter)
  • I mention that the radio uses phase locked loop technologies.
    Below is an article in Wikipedia about PLL (Phase locked loop)

  • I mention that the radio doesn’t use valves.
    Below is an article in Wikipedia about valves (Vacuum tubes)

  • Dry joint
    I mention that the radio developed a dry joint
    Below is an article in Wikipedia about soldering that covers dry joints

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