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HPR2637: Convert it to Text

Hosted by Mr. Young on 2018-09-11 00:00:00
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Why use plain text?

  • Portability
  • Use with Unix tools
  • Use with Ranger

Ranger for the win

  • Ranger is a free console file manager that gives you greater flexibility and a good overview of your files without having to leave your *nix console. It visualizes the directory tree in two dimensions: the directory hierarchy on one, lists of files on the other, with a preview to the right so you know where you’ll be going.
  • The scope functionality is where converting to text pays off. Located at $HOME/.config/ranger/scope.sh, scope is the feature that allows for file preview from inside the console. Text files are highlighted based on their file extension, for non-text files, different converters can be used to coerce the file into a text representation. Some items are available out of the box, but the configuration is written in such a way that any text can be presented in the preview screen.
  • The basic format of the scope switch statement is as follows:
case "$extension" in
        try odt2txt "$path" && { dump | trim | fmt -s -w $width; exit 0; };;

Tools in the toolset

  • atool
  • caca-utils
  • poppler-utils
  • catdoc
  • catppt
  • odt2txt
  • ods2tsv
  • docx2txt
  • xlsx2csv
  • mediainfo
  • lynx/w3m/elinks
  • highlight

Bonus tools

  • q
  • jq
  • xmlstarlet

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