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HPR2367: How I create and post a show to HPR

Hosted by MrX on 2017-08-29 00:00:00
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Below are my original rough show notes I used to guide me along my rambling path of describing how I record a show

  • How I record a podcast

    • Start recording the show go through setting up recording level & adjusting my microphone, then do my usual introduction at the beginning.
  • How I record and post a show

    • First talk about folder structure

    • Write show notes. If I don’t know the subject well enough or perhaps want to go into some detail, Wikipedia can be very handy here.

    • Record it using cheap gaming headset with boom microphone, about 2 minutes into my show I give a demonstration of a badly placed microphone. I fully expected this to produce a lot of wind noise in the recording, this unfortunately didn't happen, the boom microphone I'm using is obviously much less susceptible to this than my previous microphone. Still it's always advisable to never place your microphone directly in front of your mouth. I tend to put mine at about chin level while making sure my chin never actually touches it.

    • Record it by pushing the record button and talking

    • Listen to it once or twice I tend to remove any bad stutters large silences, mistakes and some ums and ah’s.

    • Add my own theme music to the beginning of the track (Explain)

    • Intro and outro not required as HPR add this

    • Highlight track with voice on it and select compression

    • Write up show notes using LibreOffice writer while listening to show one more time.

    • Export track in flac format, don’t add any information when exporting such as artist title etc as this is added later by HPR

    • Go to the HPR calendar page pick a free slot

    • HPR will send you a time limited link via email

    • Click on link to open the upload page for your show

    • Fill in the required details from the show notes prepared in LibreOffice writer

    • Browse to final flac show

    • Submit show, job done

Just a little note if all this seems a bit complicated it doesn't have to be, this is how I normally produce a show you could instead just hit record on your recording device. Record it in just about any audio format, click on the free slot link on the HPR calendar page and upload the show without any show notes, HPR will do the rest.


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