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HPR1676: HPR Community News for December 2014

Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2015-01-05 00:00:00
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HPR Community News for December 2014

New hosts

Welcome to our new hosts:
Rill, Michal Cieraszynski.

Last Month's Shows

Id Date Title Host
1651 2014-12-01 HPR Community News for November 2014 HPR Volunteers
1652 2014-12-02 GeekSpeak 2013-06-01 Various Creative Commons Works
1653 2014-12-03 Ruth Suehle at Ohio Linux Fest 2014 Ahuka
1654 2014-12-04 Using AS numbers to identify where you are on the Internet Ken Fallon
1655 2014-12-05 43 - LibreOffice Calc - Creating Pivot Tables Ahuka
1656 2014-12-08 My audio player collection Dave Morriss
1657 2014-12-09 Hacking Gutenberg eBooks Jon Kulp
1658 2014-12-10 Cool Stuff Part 2 Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^)
1659 2014-12-11 OggCamp Interview with Jon Archer corenominal
1660 2014-12-12 Trying out Slackware beni
1661 2014-12-15 OggCamp Interview with Paul Tansom corenominal
1662 2014-12-16 LinuxLugCast Episode-001 Outtakes Kevin Wisher
1663 2014-12-17 Interview with Greg Greenlee Founder of Blacks In Technology Ken Fallon
1664 2014-12-18 Life and Times of a Geek part 1 Dave Morriss
1665 2014-12-19 44 - LibreOffice Calc - Working With Pivot Tables Ahuka
1666 2014-12-22 Bare Metal Programming on the Raspberry Pi (Part 3) Gabriel Evenfire
1667 2014-12-23 How to start a Blog Rill
1668 2014-12-24 Nixstaller klaatu
1669 2014-12-25 New Retro Computing NYbill
1670 2014-12-26 Digital Signatures and Certificates Ahuka
1671 2014-12-29 LinuxLugCast Episode-002 Outtakes Kevin Wisher
1672 2014-12-30 Systemd for Learner Drivers Steve Smethurst
1673 2014-12-31 How I use ZFS on Linux Michal Cieraszynski

Comments this month

There are 31 comments:

  • hpr1667 (2014-12-23) "How to start a Blog" by Rill.
    1. davi jordan on 2014-12-27:"[no title]"

  • hpr1666 (2014-12-22) "Bare Metal Programming on the Raspberry Pi (Part 3)" by Gabriel Evenfire.
    1. Mike Ray on 2014-12-22:"Another great episode"
    2. Gabriel Evenfire on 2014-12-24:"Re: Another great episode"

  • hpr1664 (2014-12-18) "Life and Times of a Geek part 1" by Dave Morriss.
    1. 0xf10e on 2014-12-20:"Cool stuff ^^"
    2. Colin on 2014-12-22:"Thanks Dave!"
    3. Dave Morriss on 2014-12-22:"Appreciate the feedback"

  • hpr1663 (2014-12-17) "Interview with Greg Greenlee Founder of Blacks In Technology" by Ken Fallon.
    1. dodddummy on 2014-12-25:"BIT rss feed issues"
    2. Dave Morriss on 2014-12-25:"Re: BIT rss feed issues"

  • hpr1660 (2014-12-12) "Trying out Slackware" by beni.
    1. Loomx on 2014-12-12:"[no title]"
    2. Mike Ray on 2014-12-12:"Great episode"
    3. Beni on 2014-12-13:"Thanks guys"

  • hpr1659 (2014-12-11) "OggCamp Interview with Jon Archer" by corenominal.
    1. NYbill on 2014-12-18:"Ah it just clicked!"

  • hpr1658 (2014-12-10) "Cool Stuff Part 2" by Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^).
    1. Daven on 2014-12-12:"Thanks!"
    2. NYbill on 2014-12-19:"Another podcast for the catcher. "

  • hpr1657 (2014-12-09) "Hacking Gutenberg eBooks" by Jon Kulp.
    1. Dave Morriss on 2014-12-19:"Thanks Jon, this is brilliant"

  • hpr1656 (2014-12-08) "My audio player collection" by Dave Morriss.
    1. Mike Ray on 2014-12-08:"The Dave Morris National Audio Player Museum"
    2. p on 2014-12-08:"[no title]"
    3. Dave Morriss on 2014-12-09:"Thanks for the feedback"
    4. p on 2014-12-10:"[no title]"
    5. Dave Morriss on 2014-12-13:"iRiver Clix2"

  • hpr1651 (2014-12-01) "HPR Community News for November 2014" by HPR Volunteers.
    1. Mike Ray on 2014-11-30:"Comment about the RPI GPU in com news for November"
    2. Dave Morriss on 2014-12-01:"Ken Starks' Indiegogo campaign"

  • hpr1649 (2014-11-27) "Raspberry Pi Accessibility Breakthrough" by Mike Ray.
    1. gigasphere on 2014-12-02:"Thanks Mike!"

  • hpr1648 (2014-11-26) "Bash parameter manipulation" by Dave Morriss.
    1. Jon Kulp on 2014-12-04:"[no title]"
    2. Dave Morriss on 2014-12-05:"Thanks Jon"
    3. musicpeace on 2014-12-10:"Thanks Dave! & also for Magnatune"
    4. Dave Morriss on 2014-12-13:"Magnatune"

  • hpr1643 (2014-11-19) "Unison Syncing Utility" by FiftyOneFifty.
    1. bort on 2014-12-04:"[no title]"

  • hpr1637 (2014-11-11) "Communities Are Made of People" by FiftyOneFifty.
    1. gigasphere on 2014-12-02:"Great episode"

  • hpr1630 (2014-10-31) "Bare Metal Programming on the Raspberry Pi (Part 2)" by Gabriel Evenfire.
    1. Alison Chaiken on 2014-12-16:"Would make a great basis for a hackfest"

  • hpr1512 (2014-05-20) "Adopting and Renovating a Public-Domain Counterpoint Textbook" by Jon Kulp.
    1. Måns Mårtensson on 2014-12-15:"Teacher"

  • Greetings to much of Russia and 8 more: Moscow, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Muscat.


  • Greetings to Iran: Tehran, Rasht, Esfahn, and Bandar-Abbas.

  • Two rednecks digress on matters of the heart.


  • Greetings to Iraq and 20 more: Baghdad, Khartoum, Nairobi, and Addis Ababa.
  • Call for shows by Ken, also correct his pronounciation =D
  • Right to be forgotten. A small discussion and explination about the idea. 
  • Processes of hiring folks. 
  • issues related to privacy. 
  • Ken Falls for a guy. 
  • Heated debate!!
  • Ken Fallon and SndChaser start the annual rant-off, Fab is nowhere to be seen.


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