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HPR1611: HPR Community News for September 2014

Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2014-10-06 00:00:00
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New hosts

Welcome to our new hosts:
Steve Smethurst, 2BFrank, goPhir.

Last Month's Shows

Id Date Title Host
1586 2014-09-01 HPR Community News for August 2014 HPR Volunteers
1587 2014-09-02 Beginner's guide to the night sky 3 - A wee dot on a dark sky Andrew Conway
1588 2014-09-03 HPR AudioBookClub-09-Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom HPR_AudioBookClub
1589 2014-09-04 KC MakerFair 2014 MrGadgets
1590 2014-09-05 The xfs File System JWP
1591 2014-09-08 The Ultimate Cooking Device PipeManMusic
1592 2014-09-09 An Open Source News Break from Opensource.com semioticrobotic
1593 2014-09-10 Why C++? garjola
1594 2014-09-11 Steam and wine with linux Andrew Conway
1595 2014-09-12 37 - LibreOffice Calc - More Financial Functions Ahuka
1596 2014-09-15 About the Word "Hack" klaatu
1597 2014-09-16 Extravehicular Activity Steve Smethurst
1598 2014-09-17 Hashing and Password Security Ahuka
1599 2014-09-18 Interview with Ingmar Steiner from the MaryTTS project Ken Fallon
1600 2014-09-19 The zfs File System JWP
1601 2014-09-22 Howto Install LAMP klaatu
1602 2014-09-23 An Open Source News Break from Opensource.com semioticrobotic
1603 2014-09-24 GUADEC 2014: Matthew Garrett Interview 2BFrank
1604 2014-09-25 How I Got Into Linux goPhir
1605 2014-09-26 38 - LibreOffice Calc - simple Descriptive Statistics Ahuka
1606 2014-09-29 Howto VNC klaatu
1607 2014-09-30 Migrating from Drupal 6 to Nikola johanv

Comments this month

There are 27 comments:

  • hpr1604 (2014-09-25) "How I Got Into Linux" by goPhir.
    1. Christopher M Hobbs on 2014-09-30:"What a great episode!"

  • hpr1601 (2014-09-22) "Howto Install LAMP" by klaatu.
    1. tcuc on 2014-09-22:"Great episode! "
    2. Klaatu on 2014-09-29:"The host responds"

  • hpr1599 (2014-09-18) "Interview with Ingmar Steiner from the MaryTTS project" by Ken Fallon.
    1. laindir on 2014-09-19:"This is me laughing"
    2. Kevin O'Brien on 2014-09-20:"Great show"
    3. johanv on 2014-09-22:"Dutch voice"
    4. davidWHITMAN on 2014-09-23:"Mary TTS"

  • hpr1598 (2014-09-17) "Hashing and Password Security" by Ahuka.
    1. gigasphere on 2014-09-18:"Great episode"
    2. Kevin O'Brien on 2014-09-20:"Thank you for the comment"

  • hpr1596 (2014-09-15) "About the Word "Hack"" by klaatu.
    1. Ken Fallon on 2014-09-15:"Let everyone be a hacker"
    2. Michael on 2014-09-17:"You nailed it!"

  • hpr1594 (2014-09-11) "Steam and wine with linux" by Andrew Conway.
    1. johanv on 2014-09-16:"Linux for the kids"
    2. FreeLikeGNU on 2014-09-16:"Open Spades"
    3. Andrew Conway on 2014-09-20:"[no title]"

  • hpr1593 (2014-09-10) "Why C++?" by garjola.
    1. johanv on 2014-09-12:"Very cool"

  • hpr1591 (2014-09-08) "The Ultimate Cooking Device" by PipeManMusic.
    1. mordancy on 2014-09-30:"lighting your charcoal chimney"

  • hpr1590 (2014-09-05) "The xfs File System" by JWP.
    1. Jonathan on 2014-09-06:"Great Show"

  • hpr1588 (2014-09-03) "HPR AudioBookClub-09-Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom" by HPR_AudioBookClub.
    1. Stephen on 2014-09-03:"re the reader"
    2. Fifty OneFifty on 2014-09-09:"Cast member areas of the Haunted Mansion Facade"

  • hpr1587 (2014-09-02) "Beginner's guide to the night sky 3 - A wee dot on a dark sky" by Andrew Conway.
    1. chalkahlom on 2014-09-05:"[no title]"

  • hpr1569 (2014-08-07) "Many-to-many data relationship howto" by Mike Ray.
    1. Ken Fallon on 2014-09-03:"How do you deal with tags"
    2. Dave Morriss on 2014-09-03:"Dealing with tags"
    3. borgu on 2014-09-04:"[no title]"
    4. Mike Ray on 2014-09-04:"Tags"
    5. Mike Ray on 2014-09-04:"More about tags"

  • hpr1458 (2014-03-05) "Free Culture and Open Animation" by Seetee.
    1. Klaatu on 2014-09-09:"Synfig"

  • hpr1400 (2013-12-13) "How We Use Linux" by Honkeymagoo.
    1. Krayon on 2014-09-18:"CalDAV etc"

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