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HPR1397: HPR Community News for November 2013

Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2013-12-10 00:00:00
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New hosts

Welcome to our new hosts: Kevin Wisher, Keith Murray, Underruner, Andrew Conway.

Show Updates

id date title host
1370 2013-11-01 Blogging With Octopress Tony Pelaez
1371 2013-11-04 The Lost Banner of HPR pokey
1372 2013-11-05 Rootstrikers.org and federal election commission data processing James Michael DuPont (h4ck3rm1k3)
1373 2013-11-06 01 - Why Do We Need Privacy, And Isn't It A Waste Of Time Anyway? Ahuka
1374 2013-11-07 Updating The 2009 LifeHacker QuadCore Hackintosh to Mavericks Richard Hughes
1375 2013-11-08 LibreOffice 15 Writer Nested Lists Introduced Ahuka
1376 2013-11-11 How Should We Then Teach the Art of Computing? klaatu
1377 2013-11-12 Zareason ZaTab 2 Android Tablet Frank Bell
1378 2013-11-13 Day one of interviews from OGGcamp 13. Various Hosts
1379 2013-11-14 Day two of interviews from OGGcamp 13. Various Hosts
1380 2013-11-15 OGGCamp13 Bonus Track Various Hosts
1381 2013-11-18 How We Found Linux Kevin Wisher
1382 2013-11-19 Interview with Dave Hingley Mike Hingley
1383 2013-11-20 HPR Community News for October 2013 HPR Admins
1384 2013-11-21 How I Got Into Linux and OSS Keith Murray
1385 2013-11-22 LibreOffice 16 Writer Nested Lists Controlled via Styles Ahuka
1386 2013-11-25 Hacking Public Policy: The Underground Press Bob Tregilus
1387 2013-11-26 Christmas Light Synchronization Underruner
1388 2013-11-27 JavaScript sigflup
1389 2013-11-28 Javascript Corrections sigflup
1390 2013-11-29 02 - Encryption Basics Ahuka

Other News

  • Mike Dupont (h4ck3rm1k3) is writing a HPR Publisher tool
  • Discussion of the infrastructure for New Year's 24-hour show
  • Danny Meeks has offered to print a replacement banner
    There was a Mumble discussion about the design
  • Indiegogo campaign for Linux Voice
  • Calls for more shows
  • Development of a torrent for collecting archived shows


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