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HPR1383: HPR Community News for October 2013

Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2013-11-20 00:00:00
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New hosts

Welcome to our new hosts: David Willson, Neandergeek, Tony Pelaez, and Richard Hughes.

Show Updates

id date title host
1347 2013-10-01 LinuxJAZZ#4 Bariman
1348 2013-10-02 Fuse MrX
1349 2013-10-03 Melissa Dupreast helps me with Audio Compression Jon Kulp
1350 2013-10-04 The Origin of ONICS (My Intro) Gabriel Evenfire
1351 2013-10-07 HPR Community News For August 2013 HPR Admins
1352 2013-10-08 Stanford marshmallow experiment Zachary De Santos
1353 2013-10-09 Practical Math - Introduction to Units Charles in NJ
1354 2013-10-10 Wayne Green MrGadgets
1355 2013-10-11 LibreOffice 13 Writer A Bullet Style Deconstructed Ahuka
1356 2013-10-14 So, you've just installed Arch Linux, now what? Arch Lessons from a Newbie, Ep. 01 FiftyOneFifty
1357 2013-10-15 Whats in my bag, and other stories James Michael DuPont (h4ck3rm1k3)
1358 2013-10-16 how to set up GnuPG, a PGP-compliant encryption klaatu
1359 2013-10-17 Pipes Matt McGraw (g33kdad)
1360 2013-10-18 HPR Community News For September2013 HPR Admins
1361 2013-10-21 SFS and Linux Camp David Willson
1362 2013-10-22 Fixing a bad RSS feed Dave Morriss
1363 2013-10-23 Some pacman Tips By Way of Repacing NetworkManager With WICD FiftyOneFifty
1364 2013-10-24 Vintage Tech Iron Pay Phone Coin Box FiftyOneFifty
1365 2013-10-25 LibreOffice 14 Writer A Numbered List Style Deconstructed Ahuka
1366 2013-10-28 What I do with my Raspberry Pi Neandergeek
1367 2013-10-29 I'm Sorry Dan Jezra
1368 2013-10-30 How to Fold a Fitted Sheet Jon Kulp
1369 2013-10-31 NaNoWriMo Prep Heisenbug
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2013-14 New Years 24-hour show

Hello All,

We are roughly around 10 weeks away from the next 24-hour New Year's show. This a call out for all parties who are interested in helping with this year's show. We mainly need to make arrangements for a Mumble server and a few streaming servers. If you have any of these resources available then please send me your name, email address, available resources, and a day/time that is convenient for you to meet on-line on a Mumble server for organizational purposes.

Thank you,

Kwisher on IRC
kevin dot wisher at gmail dot com

Other News

  • Request for Ahuka - doing car payments as an example
  • Queue Management/Disposing of current backup shows
    "It was scary to me that there are only two shows in the queue, until I realized that there are 13 shows in the backup queue."
  • Worst of as a backup show - not in line with HPR philosophy
  • Updated Readme
  • George, asked for help deciding what to record
  • Process of adding us to mail archive
  • The free software song https://www.gnu.org/music/free-software-song.html


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