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HPR1351: HPR Community News For August 2013

Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2013-10-07 00:00:00
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New hosts

Welcome to our new host: Stitch, Matt McGraw (g33kdad), Julian Neuer, laindir, and Riley Gelwicks (glwx).

Show Updates

id date title host
1306 2013-08-05 Freedom Followup Christopher M. Hobbs
1307 2013-08-06 What's in my Bag Accipiter
1308 2013-08-07 Helping a New Computer User Shane Shennan
1309 2013-08-08 Assisted Human Reproduction Ken Fallon
1310 2013-08-09 Energy Democracy defined Bob Tregilus
1311 2013-08-12 Modern Inconveniences Christopher M. Hobbs
1312 2013-08-13 Deepgeek interviews Birgitta Jonsdottir (Icelandic Pirate Party parliamentarian) Epicanis
1313 2013-08-14 How I Manage Contacts Jon Kulp
1314 2013-08-15 Impressions of Mageia Frank Bell
1315 2013-08-16 LibreOffice 09 Writer Working With Paragraph-Level Styles Ahuka
1316 2013-08-19 What is my bag MrGadgets
1317 2013-08-20 What's In My 2 Bags Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^)
1318 2013-08-21 How I found Linux Sunzofman1
1319 2013-08-22 Frank Bell Presents HPR to His LUG Frank Bell
1320 2013-08-23 How I got into Linux jrobb
1321 2013-08-26 What's in my Bag Christopher M. Hobbs
1322 2013-08-27 Kevin O'Brien - Ohio LinuxFest 2013 Ken Fallon
1323 2013-08-28 HPR Community News For July 2013 HPR Admins
1324 2013-08-29 Porting Mega Happy Sprite To Windows sigflup
1325 2013-08-30 LibreOffice 10 Writer Paragraph Styles in Templates Ahuka

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