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HPR1287: HPR Community News For June 2013

Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2013-07-09 00:00:00
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New hosts

Welcome to our new host: Alek Grigorian.

id title host
1261 Community News for May 2013 HPR Admins
1262 LiTS 031: who Dann
1263 3G Tunnels (Sshuttle) NYbill
1264 Open Accessibility: Interview with Steve Lee Ken Fallon
1265 Mitigating SQL Injection And Other Message Protocol Attacks Through Compiler Signatures sigflup
1266 TGTM Newscast for 2013-06-06  by Dann Washko and DeepGeek Tgtm News Team
1267 LibreOffice 04 Writer Style Properties 1 Ahuka
1268 Whats in my bag David Whitman
1269 Frank Bell Achieves Enlightenment Adventures with E17 Pt Two Frank Bell
1270 Fathers Day Special: Jon Kulp interviews his Dad Jon Kulp
1271 Out of style or retro chique. Knightwise
1272 Open Badges? klaatu
1273 LiTS 032: cat Dann
1274 Nathan Dumont on Open Source Hardware Ken Fallon
1275 LibreOffice 05 Writer Style Properties 2 Ahuka
1276 Two Hacker Public Radio hosts meet face-to-face for the first time Jon Kulp
1277 Icecast 102 klaatu
1278 OggCamp11: Interview with Marie Assen from Flatter Ken Fallon
1279 Russ Pavlicek on Xen Project Alek Grigorian
1280 Homemade Antennas for OTA Hi-Def TV Jon Kulp
1281 Samsung Ativ Premiere Knightwise

Website updates

There have been many small changes to the back end to allow first in first out scheduling.


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