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HPR1217: HPR Community News for March 2013

Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2013-04-02 00:00:00
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New hosts

Welcome to our new hosts: Jon Kulp, b1ackcr0w, Steve Bickle, and Christopher M. Hobbs.

Show Review

id title host
1196 HPR Community News Feb 2013 Various Hosts
1197 What I do with bash scripts Jon Kulp
1198 THEATER OF THE IMAGINATION: 05 lostnbronx
1199 Old Time Radio on the web Frank Bell
1200 CJE Computer Jargon Explained 01 b1ackcr0w
1201 In My Feed - Episode 01 Steve Bickle
1202 LiTS 025: bc Dann
1203 templer: a static html generator Chess Griffin
1204 My Magnatune Downloader Dave Morriss
1205 TGTM Newscast for 3/10/2013 Tgtm News Team
1206 Resolving Issues (The Vhost Config File) NYbill and Windigo
1207 Icecast 101 klaatu
1208 Northeast Linux Fest 2013 p1-3 NYbill
1209 Northeast Linux Fest 2013 p2-3 NYbill
1210 Northeast Linux Fest 2013 p3-3 NYbill
1211 NELF Wrapup Various Hosts
1212 TGTM Newscast for 3/22/2013 Rebecca "Bobobex" Newborough Tgtm News Team
1213 LiTS 026: units Dann
1214 LinuxFest Northwest is April 27, 28,2013 David Whitman
1215 Pair Programming Christopher M. Hobbs

Other News

Todo List

Automate the presentation
Securing the website
Search options
Introduction to HPR video
Upload Form
Add ATOM Feed
Opus Support
Introduction of show Tags
Events Page
Twitter/Identi.CA Feed
Upload to Archive.org
Automatic tagging of media files
Automating media upload, identification and transcoding
Fixing broken links
Fixing broken HTML/Converting to HTML5/CSS3


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