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HPR1021: HPR Community News June 2012

Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2012-07-02 00:00:00
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HPR Community News

Klaatu reads the community news.

New hosts

Welcome to our new hosts: Nido Media, Windigo, and goibhniu.
If you would like to become a HPR host then please head over to https://hackerpublicradio.org/contribute.php

id title host
1001 HPR Community News May 2012 HPR Admins
1002 Linux In The Shell 008 - free: Understanding Linux Memory Usage Dann
1003 My audio gear Nido Media
1004 Sunday Morning Linux Review Episode 34 - SUSE and Venus Various Creative Commons Works
1005 TGTM Newscast for 2012/6/6 deepgeek
1006 More Experiences Out of a Mental Hostpital sigflup
1007 My Linux Adventure, Pt. 2 Bob Wooden
1008 Fix the "Sticky Keys" Bug in Minecraft Windigo
1009 John Sullivan Why should I care about Free software? Various Creative Commons Works
1010 John Doe on copyright infringement lawsuits Various Creative Commons Works
1011 NELF interview with Robert_Schweikert of Open Suse pokey
1012 LiTS 009 - w command and linux load averages Dann
1013 Saving Programs From TiVo Ahuka
1014 Radio FreeK America 15 (2002/06/05) - Special Rax-only Episode Various Creative Commons Works
1015 TGTM Newscast for 2012/6/18 DeepGeek deepgeek
1016 Nix: The Functional Package Manager goibhniu
1017 Phone hacking Samsung Admire Brotherred
1018 Interview with Christel Dahlskjaer of the FreeNode project. Ken Fallon
1019 The 8 Billion Dollar iPod Various Creative Commons Works
1020 TGTM Newscast for 2012/6/27 DeepGeek deepgeek


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