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HPR0895: 2011-2012 Hacker Public Radio New Year's Eve Part 5/8 (Funding Free Culture)

Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2012-01-06 00:00:00
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This is episode five of a eight part Hacker Public Radio New Year's Eve event and you can expect more of them all week long.

Thanks to:

  • PipeManMusic of the Open Source Musician's Podcast for the Murmur server, and audio streaming
  • Tracy Holtz for stream mirror
  • Dann Washko of The Linux Link Tech Show for stream mirror
  • cobra2 for stream mirror
  • John Neusteter for stream mirror
  • KevinW for creating the Mumble How-To, and for manning the testing room during most of the show.
  • Ken Fallon for being Ken Fallon
  • The Hacker Public Radio Community for coming together and pulling this off, and for making it so much fun for everone.

I was so wrapped up in the actual show, that it didn't occur to me to take notes and write down the names of all the people who helped us out. The few I listed above are all that I can remember 24 hours later. If you helped out in any way, and would like to be mentioned in the show notes of the remaining parts of this show (there will be a few of them) please email hpr (at) hackerpublicradio (dot) org with your name and I'll be glad to thank you publicly and properly.

The discussion focused on how you can support free software and free culture with many paying more for "Free" software than they ever had for proprietary software. Many feel they pay what the can when they can.

The discussion move on to how artists can make a living.
Should we draw the line between digital replication and physical replication as copyright infringement, although illegal, is not stealing. Not every download is a lost sale and the argument was made that in some cases "piracy" promotes the use of the software. There was much talk of the continual increase of the copyright terms.

Time was then devoted to how artists could be compensated for their art and several examples were brought up of alternative means of generating revenue by cutting out the record labels and other middle men.


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