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HPR0851: HPR Community News for Oct 2011

Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2011-11-04 00:00:00
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HPR Community News

New hosts

Welcome to our new host: Seetee

Show Review

id title host
826 HPR Community News for Sep 2011 HPR Admins
827 HPR booth and HostGator klaatu
828 a+g=-b MrGadgets
829 Interview with Prof Jocelyn Bell-Burnell HPR Admins
830 Peter Hutterer Interview at X.Org Developer Conference (XDC) 2011 marcoz
831 Chris from Sourceforge.net klaatu
832 OggCamp11 Roundup Ken Fallon
833 Ian Romanick Interview at X.Org Developer Conference (XDC) 2011 marcoz
834 The Knightcast KC0056 : Best of KWTV Live Knightwise
835 Amazon sets the world on Fire MrGadgets
836 Jeff from No Machine klaatu
837 Juergen Schinker open wireless network Ken Fallon
838 Martin Peres @ XDC marcoz
839 Full Circle Podcast: The Lubuntu Team Robin Catling
840 Android Shopping cobra2
841 Jonathan Nadeau klaatu
842 DJ from h-online.com Ken Fallon
843 What holiday tech item MrGadgets
844 The Flying Handbag HPR Admins
845 Open Source Radio Software AukonDK
846 Jared Smith from Fedora klaatu
847 FSCONS, MeeGo and the story of Tizen Seetee
848 Alan Cocks, the info point project Ken Fallon
849 Sunday Morning Linux Review HPR Admins
850 Another Tech Giant Passes - Household Tech in the Pre-Micro Era MrGadgets

Thanks To

  • Stitcher for feedback on the intro

Apologies To

  • Seetee for the mixup in the show scheduling

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