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HPR0844: The Flying Handbag

Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2011-10-26 00:00:00
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Each Thursday we play Syndicated creative commons content. In todays show we hear the behind the scenes banter at Barcamp Blackpool 2011. You might remember that we interviewed Gemma Cameron aka @ruby_gem back in episode 813

This episode was originally posted on October 15th 2011 by Dan Lynch of Rathole Radio and linuxoutlaws fame.

The following are the shownotes posted with the show.

The Flying Handbag

Hello all, apologies for the lack of Weekly Rewind updates lately. Things have been crazy. I do have a rather special treat for you today instead. A podcast recorded at Barcamp Blackpool on October 15th 2011.

Let me fill in a little background detail to this. I was in Blackpool catching up with my fellow podcaster Pete Cannon of Dick Turpin Roadshow fame. Our good friend Les Pounder of Blackpool LUG came over and asked "are you two up for doing a podcast?". Of course we were but had no idea what about or what the structure would be. We also didn't book a space on the barcamp schedule board. This was all very last minute. One of the talk areas at the barcamp was named The Flying Handbag after a well known Blackpool gay bar apparently. This caused much hilarity. We saw it was free and planned to record our discussion there. Upon our arrival another bloke was already there waiting to start his talk and he didn't look too impressed by our rag tag bunch.

So off we wandered in search of another recording location and ended up sat on the stairs by the gents toilets in Blackpool Pleasure Beach Casino. You can hear what followed next. A rambling and fun conversation between 6 opinionated blokes, with some additional comedy value added by the really loud hand dryer noise coming from the toilets.

Ladies and gentlemen we present.

The Flying Handbag Cast!!!

Running time: 50mins (ish)

The culprits are:

Contains swearing and adult humour from the start. You've been warned.

This was a one-off thing really and I don't know if there'll ever be more. We all live in different parts of the UK so it might be tricky. Hopefully we'll get together at another event in future and chat some more.

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