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HPR0631: HPR Community News 0x02

Hosted by HPR Volunteers on 2011-01-03 00:00:00
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Welcome New hosts

guitarman, arfab, Ruji, and brother mouse

Show Review

612     guitarman:: Urban cyclist - Commuting
613     JWP:: alternative investing and how the internet changes...
614     PipeManMusic:: Intro To Audio and Pod/Oggcasting
615     klaatu:: Urban Camping ep 2
616     Dave Yates:: Surfraw
617     Thistleweb:: So You Wanna Start A Band?
618     arfab:: Installing Windows XP in VirtualBox
619     KFive:: QSK: Episode 5: You're Driving Me Crazy
620     klaatu:: Klaatu holds an interview with Tek Systems
621     Dann:: Dann and CafeNinja Book Review:  Ayn Rand's Atlas ...
622     janedoc:: Influenza
623     JWP:: nano editor
624     klaatu:: Urban Camping ep 3
625     pokey:: Network Cabeling at Resno's House
626     klaatu:: Urban Camping ep 4
627     Ruji:: From OS X to OS Whoredom to Linux
628     brother mouse:: Tasker - Automation for Android Devices
629     Ken Fallon::RSS 2.0 Specification with iTunes namespace
630     pokey:: HPR at the Northeast GNU-Linux Fest

Other News

  • Comments: All comments need to be approved which led to a 50% reduction in bandwidth. Captas have been disabled. A rewrite of comment system is needed. Comment feed behind P in HPR
  • Searching for WAV versions of the intro/outro
  • Ken was promoting HPR on the KnightWise KWTV LIVE 2010 : Day one. Hour 4
  • Special thanks to Miai who endured the pain of uploading all episodes from ep0001 to ep0620 to archive.org
  • Mailing List News

  • sigflup offered to put up an ice cast server to play hpr reruns and Dave Yates answered the call
  • More talk about the new RSS feeds. I still need more feed back on the test RSS 2.0 feed
  • Pokey has ordered a booth for North east linux fest and has ordered HPR stickers and is looking for help. Listen to episode hpr0630 for more information
  • HPR TV - Droops want's to do TV on HPR - everyone seems to like the idea. More on this as it develops.
  • Jason Scott of textfiles.com has offered to mirror hpr for us.
  • A year in review

    We Published 131 of a possible 261 shows in 2010.
    We will need 260 shows for 2011 and so far we have 17 needless to say we need shows.

    There were 37 hosts.

    • Contributing one show: tmacuk, Patrick L Archibald, Dave Yates, janedoc, Enigma, Roundtable, elel, thewtex, Johninsc, Thistleweb, Ruji, pegwole, cobra, FiftyOneFifty, Curbuntu, arfab, brother mouse, StankDawg, Flaviu Simihaian, guitarman, and Dann
    • Contributing two shows: PipeManMusic, Quvmoh, Jared Mayes, and Urban Koistinen
    • Contributing three shows: JWP, sp0rus, deepgeek
    • Contributing four shows: lostnbronx, monsterb, and pokey
    • Contributing five shows: Xoke
    • Contributing seven shows: SigFlUP, and K5TUX
    • Contributing eight shows: Drake Anubis
    • Contributing ten shows: Ken Fallon
    • Contributing eleven shows: Michael Foord
    • Contributing thirteen shows: finux
    • Contributing twenty shows: klaatu

    Droops has offered to help improve the site stats.

    Thank You !

    Thanks to everyone who supported HPR in 2010 and have a great new year

    A word from our spammers

    Despite all the comments been approved our dedicated team of spammers continue to visit.



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